Carpet Cleaning Respirators & Masks for Mold

Rotovac sells cleaning respirators and masks for mold remediation to ensure you are safe when cleaning up mold and mildew. Factory-direct pricing.

Replacement Cartridges

Organic Vapor Respirator Cartridge Set #AX92

Fits The Deluxe and Face Piece Respirators

Full Face Mold Respirator

Five strap suspension for a balanced, comfortable fit. Panoramic lens for unobstructed peripheral vision, eliminating blind spots and tunnel vision that can lead to trips, slips and falls.(Cartridges sold separately)

Face Piece Respirator

The first respirator that is almost comfortable. Made of soft, pliable, hypo-allergenic rubber. To be used when working with solvents and other problem chemicals. Strategic lateral position of inhalation valves and cartridges increases viewing area, while providing a cooling wash of air over the face.(Cartridges sold separately)

The Deluxe Respirator

This respirator fits and feels like a second skin. It is made with soft silicone rubber that fits the face and stays with it through facial movements and speech. Protects your technicians from solvents and problem chemicals. Protect yourself from liability. Soft silicon rubber formulation is extremely comfortable flexible, durable and distortion resistant. (Cartridges sold separately)