Vacuum & Solution Hoses for Carpet Cleaning

Rotovac offers a complete line of vacuum hoses and solution hoses for carpet cleaning. Extend your truckmount or portable carpet extractor hose length with our line of commercial grade carpet cleaning hoses. Factory-direct pricing and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Vacuum and Solution Hose


  • Solution hose is High pressure, 3000 PSI,
  • 1/4" id with quick connects
  • Available in Blue only
  • Solution hose 250 degrees max
  • Vacuum hose is 1-1/2" diameter with cuffs
  • 25 feet long

Pump-Out Hose

This green garden type hose has a ¾" internal diameter to allow for free flow of high volume pump-out systems on truck mounts. Features patented 6-ply construction with 500 PSI burst strength and is lightweight, kink resistant, stas flexible even in cold weather and has heavy-duty Full-Flo brass couplings.

Super High Heat Truck Mount Vacuum Hose

2" diameter with cuffs

This is the same hose that came with your truck mount! It is designed to handle the highest solution and environmental temperatures.

  • Smooth free flowing inside bore allows the highest CFM.
  • Strong and durable construction won't collapse in high vacuum and heat situations.
  • Handlses constant working solution temperatures of up to 240 degrees
    F at the truck

Safe Connects Quick Connect Covers

This indestructible connector cover comes with our best quality dual O-ring Parker female quick connect and protects both the female and male side quick connects. Prevents burned hands, chipping and scratching floors and is a great addition to the wand and machine ends of the solution hose.

Hose Net

This strong, nylon mesh bag with large 24" x 36" size and slip-lock closure is perfect for carrying hoses for portables or upholstery cleaning tools and hoses.

Female Quick Connect


  • designed for attachment to 1/4" id solution hoses
  • connects to male quick connect
  • brass

Male Quick Connect


  • designed for attachment to 1/4" id solution hoses
  • connects to female quick connect
  • brass

The Hoser Vacuum Hose Cleaner

Don't drag dirty vacuum hoses into your customer's homes! Quickly and easily clean your vacuum hoses whenever needed with the Hoser. Just attach to your truckmount vacuum and solution lines and run your hoses though the Hoser as you reel it in. Works with 1 and 1/2" and 2" hoses.

Hose Hanger

Keep your solution and vacuum hoses neat and organized with the Hose Hanger. Great for carrying lead hoses into the house and hanging extra hoses up and out of the way in the van. Made from tough 3" wide nylon webbing and strong Velcro, the Hose Hanger will last and last.

Keeper Velcro Strap

Help keep your operation looking neat! This incredibly versatile and strong Velcro strap can be used for a wide variety of purposes including strapping vacuum and solution hoses together, holding your in-line sprayer together and so on.

Hose Hook

Use the Hose Hook to keep your hoses out of the way when cleaning stairs. Also great for stabilizing hoses running up the outside of a building, along walkway railings or wherever hoses need to be held in place. The durable coating on the hook prevents scratching or damage.


No longer will you have to worry about your hoses coming apart and losing suction. You can totally eliminate your hoses separating when you're winding them up on the reel, laying them out for the job, going up the side of a building and so on by using the VacStrap! The VacStrap is fully adjustable to fi t any size hose!

Vacuum Hose

1-1/2" diameter with cuffs

  • 15’ length 
  • 25’ length

2" diameter with cuffs

  • 50’ length 

Solution Hose


  • High pressure, 3000 PSI, 250 degrees max
  • 1/4" id with quick connects
  • Available in Blue only

Goodyear Heavy Duty Garden Hose

If you've had it with the cheapo garden hoses from the hardware store then this is the hose for you. This high quality garden hose is rated at 200 PSI, is flexible all year long, has a ½" inside diameter to allow plenty of water flow and has a blue color for easy visibility. High quality at a great price.

2.5" vacuum hose

You've probably been hearing a lot about dramatic improvements in airflow (and therefore drying times? by going to 2.5" vacuum hose. The reports are true!

Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose

One of the main restrictions to airflow is the vacuum hose. By going to a 2.5" instead of a 2" or even a 1.5", airflow is dramatically increased so you get more of the performance potential of your truckmount.