Corner Guards

Door Jamb Saver

Protect your customer's door jambs from hoses and quick connects. Snaps around door jamb without need of adhesives and provides a professional image of caring for your customer's home. Packaged in pairs. Will also work on some types of banister posts.

Part #: AC17
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Corner Guard

These corner guards prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Creates a powerful shield and eliminates costly claims and repairs. Three are enough for most residential jobs. Made of sturdy, lightweight, non-marking plastic. A great way to prevent damage before it happens.

Part #: AC181
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Hose Bridge

  • Sturdy Polyethylene with Anti-skid Safety Tape
  • Protect your hoses and avoid liability from slips and falls
  • Super strong - it can support the weight of a car!
  • Folds up for easy storage and transport
Part #: AR008
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