Commercial Curtain Tools

Curtain steamer and curtain cleaning tools are specially designed equipment used by professionals to clean curtains, drapes, and window coverings. These tools are used to remove dirt, dust, and stains from curtains to keep them looking fresh and clean. Rotovac offers commercial grade curtain steaming and extraction tools for all of your upholstery cleaning needs.

Perforated Curtain Cleaning Tool


  • Applies cleaning solution just like an upholstery tool
  • Perforated vacuum edge prevents fabrics from being sucked into the vacuum chamber
  • Great for cleaning fine upholstery fabric also
  • All stainless steel construction, including nuts and bolts
  • Thumb slide vacuum release
  • 4" and 6" models available

The Perforated Curtain Tool

All stainless steel upholstery tool for carpet cleaning machines.


  • These tools only do recovery of pre-sprayed cleaning solutions
  • Perforated edge prevents fabrics from being sucked into vacuum chamber
  • All stainless steel
  • 4" of 6" models available