EDIC Self-Contained Carpet Extractors

Get a true all-in-one carpet cleaning machine with our self contained carpet extractors. Scrub, extract & clean carpets efficiently.

EDIC SuperNova Self-Contained Extractor

There is literally nothing like the Supernova series.


  • Two-way system for forward and reverse operation.
  • Specially designed vacuum head allows cleaning on hard floors in addition to carpets
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors plus longer brush life.

EDIC Polaris 801PS and 1201PS Extractor

These larger self-contained units come equipped with dual vacuums to more thoroughly clean and dry carpets.


  • Optional accessories quickly attach to the rear of machine for
    cleaning stairs, upholstery, etc.
  • Patented dual lift-off recovery buckets provide quick emptying.
  • High speed brush motor and brush guarantee powerful agitation to
    release deeply embedded soil and grit, extending carpet lift.

EDIC Polaris 500PS, 700PS, & 701PS

It’s big enough to tackle large rooms and hallways and is available with full complement of accessories giving it maximum versatility to clean upholstery, stairs and other hard to reach places.


  • Patented 4-wheel design makes turning in tight places easy and
    balances total weight, even full of water, for easy maneuvering.
  • Lift-off recovery bucket - no drain hose.
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush combine for consistent
    cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors.
  • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards (700PS/701PS)

EDIC FiveStar Self-Contained Extractor

The amazing FiveStar is a small, self-contained unit with powerful brush agitation to clean carpets, hard floors and grouted tile.


  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum
    shoe for easy cleaning.
  • Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy storage.
  • Patented lift-off bucket with bladder makes filling and emptying
    incredibly easy.