Assorted Accessories

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EZ Access Ramp

Take the strain out of working with portables, protect your back and easily wheel heavy pieces of equipment in and out of the van, truck or trailer. Built for heavy-duty, everyday use, this 6' x 28" ramp can handle up to 600 lbs and conveniently folds to just 3" in width for easy storage.

Part #: AR002
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US Products OEM Shampoo Tanks

Shampoo Tanks
Won't crack, leak or dent. Heavy-duty poly construction makes this tank so durable that it can withstand temperatures from -40° to 200°+F without cracking, leaking or becoming brittle. The universal design allows for quick and easy installation on all style floor machines, including the Clarke, Windsor, NSS, Minuteman and Tennant models. An extra wide opening allows for spill-free filling. 5 year warranty on tanks.

Part #: OEM-Shampoo-Tanks
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Van Curtain

Stay warm in winter and cool in summer with this insulated van divider curtain! Heavy duty nylon keeps heat or A/C in the front compartment and noise and odors in the back. There's a full length zipper and the curtain folds aside for easy access to the back. There are also DOT approved clear vinyl windows for full visibility as well as utility pockets for maps, clipboards and other equipment.

Part #: AX04
Rotovac Price: $250.00

Van Chemical Storage Shelf

Get your van organized, get your chemicals off the floor and make the most of the space you have with these van shelves. The Van Chemical Storage Shelf is strong lightweight aluminum or heavy gauge stainless steel and mounts directly over the van wheel well. These units feature three 48" adjustable shelves and will hold 24 single gallon containers or a wide variety of containers and accessories. 4" lips keep bottles from spilling and rubber shelf guards protect bottles. The stainless version has closed end caps while the aluminum model is open. Assembly is required.

Part #: AX104
Aluminum Storage Shelf
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Part #: AX128
Stainless Steel Storage Shelf
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Hydro-Filter In-Line Waste Filter

The Hydro-Filter is an essential part of your business. The advanced polymer is designed to withstand impacts and high temperatures and allows you to impress your customers by showing them how much soil is being removed - something not possible with opaque filters. The redesigned stainless steel filter protects your vacuum motor from harmful debris and maximizes your machine's CFM output. Additionally, the screw on lid eliminates broken latches so you can focus on your work, not on repairs.

Part #: AC10
Rotovac Price: $127.00
Part #: AC10C
Replacement Filter
Rotovac Price: $42.51

Handy Spotter

Now you can carry two spotters and a spotting tool in one easy to access container. The key ring attaches your spotting tool or brush and the Velcro strap holds it securely. Use the built-in clip to attach it to your belt or pocket. Or, use a Handy Wand Strap to attach it to your wand.

Part #: AS021
Rotovac Price: $10.00

Yard Sticks

Keeps your hoses from burning your customers lawns!

There's no bigger negative than having your hot solution line burn a path across your customer's lawn! Make a positive impression with YardSticks that keep hoses safely elevated above the grass.

Part #: AX193
Set of 5
Rotovac Price: $36.97

Door Jam

Hoses in... Unwanted Temperatures out!

Cold air, hot air, bugs and animals are kept outside where they belong, winter or summer, when you use the quick and easy to install DoorJam. All true professionals will now be able to protect the customer's environment and still be able to run hoses through the door. This is another tool that shows your customers that you care! When finished, the DoorJam easily rolls into a compact bag for storage.

Part #: AD04
Rotovac Price: $153.99

Drying Kit

Imagine drying the interior of one vehicle while you're detailing another. You won't have to use your imagination with Mytee's HP-DRY Interior Drying Kit.

Part #: Drying-Kit
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