Wet Floor Caution Signs & Tape

Rotovac carries a variety of caution signs and caution tape at factory-direct prices.

Caution Tape - OUT OF STOCK

Warn, protect and keep your customer as well as bystanders safe - all while protecting yourself and reducing liability.

Caution Sign - Double Sided - OUT OF STOCK

Get their attention with this large, yellow, folding plastic caution sign. Warn customers and passers-by of wet carpet and hoses. Protect your customers, protect the public, protect yourself and reduce liability.

Warning Sign - Ozone - OUT OF STOCK

These 8½" x 11" signs are printed in bright, attention-grabbing red. Make sure that premises are vacant when ozone is in use and protect yourself from liability problems by posting warning signs when appropriate.

Caution Sign - Wet Carpet (50-pack) - OUT OF STOCK

8½" x 11" Caution Wet Carpet signs are printed in bright , attention-grabbing red. Warn passers by about hoses and wet carpet hazards.