Carpet Rakes

Grandi-Groom Carpet Rake

To get a nice pattern on the carpet when you are done cleaning a carpet rake is just the thing to get our those rotary circle patterns.

Handi Groom

The Handi Groom and the Handi Brush are great tools to have for those tasks that need personal attention. The Handi Groom removes embedded pet hair, lint and debris from stairs, rugs, durable upholstery and auto carpeting and seats. The Handi Brush removes pet hair and dirt from finer fabrics as well as agitating during the cleaning process.

Grandi Groom / Brush Combo

Now you can have a Grandi Groom and Grandi Brush on the same handle in order to have the proper agitation/grooming tool for every single job! Buy the combo or choose the conversion kit that comes with a Grandi Brush and adapter to attach the brush head to a Grandi Groomer.