HydraMaster DriMaster 3 Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool

Drimaster Upholstery Cleaning Tool

The new HydraMaster DriMaster 3 Upholstery Cleaning Tool has all the great features of the DriMaster 2, PLUS several key enhancements requested by technicians like you that make it easier for you get upholstery fabrics clean.

  • Molded glides on the tool lips virtually eliminate any chance of fabric snagging. You can move the tool across the fabric with complete confidence.
  • Easy access nose cone lets you clean and remove clogs from the unit by removing just four simple screws. No special tools required.
  • Replaceable nose cone can be swapped out if chipped, cracked, or broken. Instead of having to replace the entire unit, you can attach a new nose cone and extend the useful life of your tool.

Upholstery cleaning can be tiring, especially when you have a lot of pieces to clean or a very large piece of furniture. The DriMaster 3 is extremely lightweight, weighing less than half the weight of competing upholstery tools, so it helps reduce operator fatigue.

Part # Description Price


Without Handle 163-220 - DriMaster

Rotovac Price: $599.00


With Handle DriMaster

Rotovac Price: $619.00


Handle Only

Rotovac Price: $59.00

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