Green Glide Carpet Wand Glides

All Green Glides come in 3 options:

  • Holed
  • Slotted
  • Hybrid

If you are uncertain about the type of Green Glide you need, call us today at 888-768-6822; our staff is here to help.

360: Slotted Glide RP-547

360: Glide Holder RP-546

10-13" Head Wands

13.5-17.5" Head Wands

18" and Larger Wands

RX20 | Prochem Powerglide | 360: 4 Head Glides

360: 4 Head Glide Holders

RX20: High Efficiency Head Conversion Kit

Stair Tool Glides: 5-10"

Upholstery Glides: Less Than 5"

Powerwand: Dual Head

Part # Description Price


360 - Slotted Glide

Rotovac Price: $30.00


360 Glide Holder

Rotovac Price: $13.00


10-13" Head Wands

Rotovac Price: $189.00


13.5-17.5" Head Wands

Rotovac Price: $219.00


18" and Larger Wands

Rotovac Price: $255.00


RX20 | Prochem Powerglide | 360 - 4 Head Glides

Rotovac Price: $219.00


360 - 4 Head Glide Holders

Rotovac Price: $79.00


RX20 High Efficiency Head Conversion Kit

Rotovac Price: $89.00


Stair Tool Glides 5-10"

Rotovac Price: $109.00


Upholstery Glides - Less Than 5"

Rotovac Price: $44.95


Powerwand - Dual Head

Rotovac Price: $284.00

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Total reviews: 1
4 out of 5 stars
Alejandro Perez
I buy the replacement glides for my 360i carpet brush head at $90 per set. Each replacement set lasts me about a year. They say the teflon is self healing plastic but i like to refinish them to make sure they always stay smooth. We started running teflon glides when we learned it reduces the amount of resistance on the motor allowing it run cooler and last longer. Its also more forgiving.

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