Rotovac CFX ZX


The new CFX with dual ZX vacuum motors produces astonishing vaccum Power. With enough power to run 200 feet of vacuum hose the CFX is setting a new standard in the industry. Super compact and weighs only 44 lbs the CFX can be carried with one hand and takes up minimal space in your vehicle. Comes standard with auto empty pump out.

*Does not include 25 foot hose set or wand

Optional 27 Gallon Docking Station

Part #

Docking Station 250 R-VAC-DS-CFX


Docking Station 1200 R-VAC-RGR1200DS optional $2795.00
25' Vacuum hose 25FTSOL


25' Solution hose 25FVH optional $53.00
Stainless Steel Wand SW-2-02A optional $389.00
50' Solution hose w/QCs 50FTSOL included $100.00
Faucet adapter set ADAPTKIT


50' 14 gauge power cord RV-553 included $46.00
Filter Bag RV-546 included $10.00

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Part # Description Price


Rotovac Price: $2,495.00

7 day money back guarantee

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Total reviews: 2
5 out of 5 stars
Roy Knaak
Our company has more than a few years with the Rotovac - CFX-ZX Extractor. Before I lay some details out- I’ll start by saying the machine is simply incredible. Compact, 44lbs, and the smallest Extractor in its class that I know of. It comes with Auto pump out. It can run a 1.5” or a 2” vacuum hose. As of 2023, the ZX motor stands at the front of the race for performance, cfm, and lift/wc”. Theyve been dependable work horses, that outperform some entry level truck mounts. Especially with the ability to set up at the porch, or inside, and shorten that hose run. The following are things for consideration to optimize your experience with the CFX-ZX. 1) note that the cfx -zx is not the same as the original cfx. So if your looking for a “deal” on craigslist, and find a cfx for a fraction of the price, it is not the same machine, and does not have the same high performance motors. Be careful not to compare the cfx-zx to reviews of the older model cfx. It might have been better to name the cfx-zx something different entirely to avoid this confusion, but- here we are😊 Okay- #2. The cfx is an extractor only. No solution pump is in the machine, and no heat is in the machine. All the watts of those two power cords are dedicated to run those amazing kick ass electric vacuum motors, to produce 165cfm and over 200” wc. (And the 3gpm pump out motor.) 3. Buy some defoamer. (I like liquid spa defoamer from amazon) a gallon will last like- forever. And is only like $25.00. Put it in a squirt bottle, and squirt 3-4 times down your vacuum hose before starting. This kills the foam so it doesnt create a problem in the waste tank. With such a small compact mwaste tank, their a little more suseptable to foam build up, and this is the fix. Additionally, keep the filter inside clean. A lint laden filter contributes to foaming. 4. Prime the pump-out before starting, or, prime it after the first 100sq ft of carpet cleaning. If you dont ensure it primes, the waste tank will fill up and not pump out. (This is a simple step, that should be done with any portable) The waste pumpout can easily pump 50-75 ft without problem through a 5/8 garden hose. I like the flexilla garden hose. For solution pump, I like the pumptec water otter. You get a 2.8gpm and an easy 1000 psi from it if you have your wamd and jets set up correctly. For carpet cleaning, the water otter will push 500 plus psi through my 6 flow wand, providing the inlet water source can produce 2.8 gallons a minute I’m ready to get another machine. And It will be a cfx-zx again. Not because my other machines are gone, but because i meed another machine. Rotovac has been golden about getting me motors and switches and parts to facilitate my home repairs in a very timely manner. Im thrilled with them, and this machine. I have a rotovac monsoon also, but this review is about the cfx-zx. Whichbis still my go to machine given my business model. Hope that helps- any questions-“, email me at I love talking shop!💕 Roy Knaak Jr Rsk Cleaning Services Bellingham Washington., USA

Bruce Fagan
We started out with the Rotovac CFX back in 2009 when our business started and have done every upgrade since. Now, with the ZX version, you get twice the suction of prior models. This means much faster dry times! The CFX ZX is somewhat compact and is very reliable. We love them and recommend them. If size does not matter for your vehicle, you may also like the Rotovac Monsoon which has a larger exhaust tank but also a clean water tank for if you get to a job where there is no water. That way you are set either way. We actually have both models we bring to every job. If we are carrying an extractor up stairs, we use the CFX ZX. If we are leaving it outside or in the garage, we use the Rotovac Monsoon. They both have similar suction and will get the job done!

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