Carpet Stretching Tools

You can trust Rotovac to provide you the best carpet stretching and carpet re-stretching tools on the market. Our factory-direct prices are the best in the US.

Cool Shield Heat Bond Iron - OUT OF STOCK

Bond Iron melts heat bond tape quickly and easily while maintaining the cooler top shield temperature. Even on the highest setting of 425 degrees the Cool Shield reaches a maximum heat shield temperature of only 256 degrees.

Deluxe Knee Kicker - OUT OF STOCK

The ROBERTS Deluxe Adjustable Knee Kicker features a foam-filled bumper pad and a checkered, nonslip hand grip. The trigger assembly adjusts the kicker length from 17 in. to 21 in.

Junior Power Stretcher - OUT OF STOCK


  • 18" spring-loaded tail block with wheels provides additional support
  • Stretch up to 23-1/2' with included tubes
  • The low profile head is easy to span with the knee kicker
  • A standard set includes one power unit, tail block with wheels, three 3' extension tubes, Quick Lok tube, and the wheeled carrying case

Adhesive Applicator Bottle - OUT OF STOCK


  • Designed to apply seam sealer to carpet backs
  • Applicator nozzle; 8 oz. plastic squeeze bottle

Multi-Purpose Adhesive 3000 - OUT OF STOCK


  • A solvent-free, standard-grade, latex-based multi-purpose adhesive
  • Good slip time
  • Excellent grab
  • Rated for residential or commercial application

Wide Floor Wall Scraper and Stripper - OUT OF STOCK


  • Angled head provides "clean shaving" cutting action, perfect for stripping floors, walls and wallpaper
  • Features three blade clamp screws for maximum blade holding power and flexgrip anti-fatigue vinyl hand grip

GT Conventional Carpet Trimmer - OUT OF STOCK


  • Trims carpet neatly at the wall and under toe kicks
  • Five positions folding handle moves easily in hard to reach areas
  • Quick and positive vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Re-designed blade holder, anti-slip rubber handle and hardened stainless steel guide
  • Includes 20 Heavy duty slotted blades

Carpet Puller - OUT OF STOCK


  • Unique design provides maximum pulling power
  • Serrated clamps provide firm carpet grip
  • Large comfortable handle

Carpet Shears - OUT OF STOCK

  • Made from the finest quality high carbon steel
  • Superior cutting ability and durability
  • Accommodates large hands comfortably with extra wide, cushioned handle openings
  • Knife edge sharpens easily on stone

Cushion Back Carpet Cutter - OUT OF STOCK


  • Cut all thicknesses of cushion-back carpet and conventional carpet with adjustable blade depth
  • Two blades that lock into position for close, precise cutting
  • Direct-pressure blade knob holds blades tightly in place
  • Constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort and control
  • Includes 15 Heavy Duty Slotted Blades

Strip Cutter - OUT OF STOCK


  • Long jaws cut architectural strip
  • Powerful cutting force - 8 to 1 leverage
  • Rugged, forged steel construction
  • Blade storage in handle

Nail Driving Bar - OUT OF STOCK


  • Constructed of cold forged carbon steel for an extra long life
  • Features a magnetic head to hold nails in place for easy starting
  • Unique design to access hard-to-reach places such as: under radiators, toe kicks, overhangs and next to glass doors
  • Soft, no-slip handle

Base Molding Lifter - OUT OF STOCK


  • Specially curved design with notched ends for easy nail removal
  • Engineered from high carbon forged steel

Stair Tool - OUT OF STOCK


  • Use to set carpet into tack strip, drive carpet into gullies and crease carpet along wall line
  • Cushioned, slip-resistant handle
  • Checkered head prevents hammer from slipping when securing carpet
  • Heavy duty blades easily set carpet into stairway crevices
  • Made from forged, chrome-plated steel for durability

Heavy Duty Slotted Blades - OUT OF STOCK


  • 10-blade blistercard
  • Fits the Cushion Back Cutter, GT Loop Pile Cutter, and many more

Razor Blade Carpet Knife - OUT OF STOCK


  • Safety-guards to keep blade firmly in place
  • Easy-open knob with bail to make blade changes more convenient
  • Checked handle for a slip resistant grip
  • Rugged light weight precision die cast aluminum with long-lasting baked epoxy finish
  • Handle stores additional heavy duty slotted blades, one blade included

Duckbill Napping Shears - OUT OF STOCK

This is a must for cleaning and installation technicians. Duckbill design lay flat on the carpet while curved handles keep fingers above the carpet.

Carpet Installation Tool Kit - OUT OF STOCK

The Carpet Installation Kit includes the following tools:

  • 24 in. Steel Tool Box
  • 5 in. Carpet Seam Roller
  • Professional 2 in. Strip Cutter
  • Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
  • 20 oz. Ripping Hammer
  • GT Cushion Back Cutter
  • Nail Driving Bar
  • GT Loop Pile Cutter
  • Razor Blade Knife
  • Leather Tool Pouch
  • Chalk Reel
  • 8 oz. White Chalk Refill
  • Deluxe Knee Kicker
  • Base Molding Lifter
  • 3 and 1/2 in. Extra Wide Stair Tool
  • EZ Tuck Carpet Tucker
  • Duckbill Napping Shears
  • Conventional Carpet Cutter
  • Pro Fixed Blade Utility Knife
  • Linoleum Knife
  • Rubber Mallet
  • 30 ft. Tape Measure
  • Row Finder

Solid Wheel Carpet Seam Roller - 3 ½ inch - OUT OF STOCK


  • Reduce "pocking" and deformation of carpet yarn with solid nylon rollers
  • Rugged stamped steel frame and large angled handle provide firm grip

Carpet Syringe - OUT OF STOCK

This large capacity (60ML) syringe is perfect for injecting deodorizers deep under carpet or into upholstery or mattresses when neutralizing urine and other odors. Works well for injecting adhesive for delamination or bubbles in glue-down carpet.

KoolGlide Pro Carpet Seam Iron - OUT OF STOCK

KoolGlide Pro Carpet Seaming Tool - an entirely new way to seam carpet! There's no carpet damage due to heat, there is no odor; there is great adhesion and it's simple to learn and use! The PRO tool that has the L-M-H (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH) settings activated for seaming carpet over wood and bare concrete.

Cookie Cutter Carpet Repair Tool - OUT OF STOCK

The Cookie Cutter is a quick simple tool for professional carpet restoration that utilizes carpet remnants or carpet from hidden areas. It is perfect for cigarette burns and other small damaged areas.

GT Power Lok Stretcher - OUT OF STOCK

The Power-Lok Stretcher is the most advanced power stretcher available. A standard 10-254 set includes one power unit, tail block with wheels, three 3 ft. extension tubes, adjustable locking tube, transfer tube, and the single interlocking wheeled stretcher carrying case.

Behr Claws Carpet Restretcher - OUT OF STOCK

All synthetic-backed carpet needs to be re-stretched occasionally. That's why almost every house you clean in has carpet bubbles. Most cleaners are walking away from hundreds of dollars EACH DAY in highly profitable re-stretches. That's because Power Stretchers weigh a ton, take forever to set up and getting the re-stretch just right can be tricky. So most cleaners end up passing on the work or giving it away to someone else.

Many water jobs require reinstallation or re-stretching of carpet following drying. The Claws allow you to perform perfect stretches quickly and easily after only a couple of jobs for "on-the-job" training.

Seam Roller - OUT OF STOCK


  • Extra wide 5" head reduces dishing in seam area
  • Durable and lightweight superior die cast handle
  • Moves forward and backward without altering position of carpet backing
  • Get stronger seams and increased hot melt transfer into carpet back with stationary roller shaft

Deluxe Grip Pouch - OUT OF STOCK


  • Holds tools firmly in place with special leather insert grips
  • Perfectly constructed of 100% leather and double stitching
  • Slotted to fit directly on the belt
  • 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 3/4"

Solvent Free Universal Seam Sealer - OUT OF STOCK


  • A solvent-free adhesive for seaming carpet edges to prevent unraveling and/or delamination of carpet backings and yarns, and to repair bubbles in installations. Use with polypropylene, jute, urethane, latex unitary and woven backed carpets.
  • Dries clear
  • Easy clean-up while wet
  • Refillable applicator bottle
  • Rated for residential or heavy traffic commercial application

Behr Claws Restretcher - OUT OF STOCK