Rotovac Ranger Parts

The Ranger is approximately the same overall size as a standard 12 gallon portable extractor. TheBIG difference is its extra large 27 gallon clean water holding tank with a removable "Extractor Pod" (Pump Out Device). This enables the operator to clean more than twice as long as a standard extractor without stopping to refill. The Ranger's unique modular design allows the Extractor Pod to be easily removed from the lower 27 gallon holding tank for easy loading and unloading from vehicle (two 40 lb modules rather than one 80 lb machine). The Extractor Pod can also be used without the 27 gallon holding tank for direct faucet hook up non-stop cleaning mode.

Standard Features

  • Huge 27 gallon clean water holding tank
  • Auto pump out recovery tank
  • Dual high velocity 2-stage vac
    motors with 200 CFM
  • 0-250 PSI adjustable Pump

  • Converts to Compact CFX

  • Eliminates The Bucket Brigade
  • Optional Dual 3 Stage Vac Motors
  • Available with 1200 psi adjustable pump
  • Comes with 25' vacuum hose and 75' of solution hose
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