Velcro Straps for Carpet Cleaning Hoses

Rotovac's hose straps are a great way to insure that your hoses stay out the way and organized when cleaning stairs. We offer factory-direct prices and a wide selection of hose straps for all of your stair cleaning needs.

Super Strap

This durable Velcro strap has many useful applications. When it comes to cleaning stairs, the Super Strap is there to help you keep the hoses out of the way and in place. You can strap them to virtually anything. As a bonus, there are no metal parts, so need to worry about potential damage to property. Wear the convenient strap like a belt and clean stairs without fighting hoses. Comes standard with a handle, so the strap can also be used as a hose carrier! A convenient and versatile tool, indeed.

Handy Hook

This new stair hook can stay attached to your hose and folds down when not in use. Heavy nylon covered hook prepents damage to hooked surfaces. It can also be neatly folded down and stored on your wand. A great innovation!

Handy Wand Strap

The Handy Wand Strap attaches to your wand or RX-20 and lets you attach up to three Handy Spotters. A Varety of your most used spotters will always be at your fingertips! The strap has a rubber lining so it won't slip.

Heavy Duty Velcro Strap

Welcome to a Velcro strap on steroids! This heavy duty Velcro Strap is made with ballistic poly webbing for increased durability up to 10 times when compared to regular Velcro straps.