US Products Portable Heated Carpet Extractors

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US Products Pex 500 Heated Carpet Extractor

The PEX Series were designed with a precision balanced, upright design for easy transport, loading or unloading by one person. The PEX Series also have a built-in wand caddy, retractable hose wrap, and built-in cord wrap so you can easily transport the PEX to job sites

Vacuums:Dual 3-stage
Pump:Adjustable 50-500 psi
Heater:2000 Watt, adjustable 146° F or 212° F, on-demand
Capacity:12 gallon solution 10 gallon recovery
Weight:110 lbs.
Accessories:Comes standard with the Evolution wand and 15' of crushproof vacuum hose and high pressure solution line.

US Products King Cobra Carpet Extractors, 150 / 500 / 1200 PSI


  • Dimensions: 26.5”H x 18”W x 28.75”L
  • 9 Gallon Solution and Recovery Tanks
  • Available in 120V and 220/240V VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Cord Wrap
  • Large Non-Marking Wheels
  • Two Handles For Easy Maneuverability and Loading
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime on Tank And Body, Lifetime on Heater Element
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor


The Solus 500R Portable Extractor is a powerful little machine.

Standard Features

  • Dual Top Mounted Vacuums: Soft-start, with unrestricted airflow
    for superior water recovery.
  • Heater Element: In-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat up to 212° F
    at the wand tip, lifetime warranty.
  • Low Moisture system: Less water combined with higher heat means
    faster drying, less chance of shrinkage or wicking from the pad.
  • Smart Circuit Locator: Identifies separate lines to eliminate blown circuits.
  • Tanks & Bodies: Lightweight, rotationally molded with lifetime warranty
    against cracks, leaks and dents.
  • Optional Solution Pre-Heat: Re-circulates solution through the heater to
    raise the solution temperature up to 125° F for consistent.
  • Solid-State Circuitry: Senses temperature change in heat exchanger
    within 1° F for more consistent heat at the tip.
  • Dimensions: 41”H x 22.5”W x 30"L
  • Dump Hose: 22" height
  • 12” Non-Marking Wheels and Upright Dolly Design for easy stair
    climbing by a single person
  • 12 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 9 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • Convenient Low Solution Filling Area for easy filling
  • 15' High Pressure Solution Line and Crushproof Vacuum Hose (optional 25' available)
  • Cords: Two (2) 25' detachable 12/3 gauge, hospital grade plugs
  • Two Roller Handles for easy maneuverability and loading
  • Wand Caddy for easy transport
  • Parallel vacuum for higher CFM productivity


The Solus 500 Portable Extractor is one of the more economical US Products extractors on the market and it's adjustable 500 PSI will get the job done.

Standard Features

  • Fully adjustable 0-500 psi.
  • Solid state circuitry combined with an inline heater provides instant heat
    of 212° F at the wand tip, fully adjustable.
  • Low moisture design and 12 gallon capacity provides longer run times.
  • NEW optional tank preheat re-circulates solution and raises temperature
    up to 125° F in the tank.
  • Patented circuit locator prevents blown circuits.
  • Dual, top-mounted 3-stage vacuums provide superior water recovery.
  • Upright, dolly design, roller handles, and large rear wheels make the Solus
    easy to maneuver on stairs or load and unload by a single person.

US Products Agitator 16" Portable Carpet Agitator

Self-Contained Extractor


  • Small footprint, light-weight, easy to operate
  • Ergonomic design
  • High production
  • Dual surface functionality with the hard floor option
  • Optional onboard spotting hand tool
  • Low decibel, only 67 dBA
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable rotationally molded PolyDur tanks
  • Single cord operation
  • Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute for cleaning performance

US Products Agitator 18" Portable Carpet Agitator

Self Contained Extractor


  • Wide 18 inch cleaning path for high production
  • Ergonomic design with EZ-pull belt for ease of use
  • Automatic chemical metering - no mixing and no guessing
  • Dual surface functionality with the hard floor option
  • Optional onboard spotting hand tool
  • Low decibel, only 67 dBA
  • Durable rotationally molded PolyDur tanks and body - 13 gallon capacity
  • Single cord operation
  • Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute for cleaning performance

US Products Agitator 20" Portable Carpet Agitator


  • Durable Body With lifetime warranty
  • Increased productivity with no tanks to fill, empty, or clean
  • Convenient and easy to setup and use
  • Brush agitator bar for superior agitation
  • Automatic de-foamer breaks down foam for continuous operation
  • Powerful 3-stage vacuum is inches away from the vacuum shoe dramatically improving water recovery and dry times
  • Easy to transport and load
  • Low moisture design maintains hot water flow and dramatically improves dry time
  • Easy to manage hose allows for convenient direct water hookup, chemical injection, and recovery water dumping, improving productivity. Can be doubled in size from 80' to 160' by connecting two hoses together.
  • Optional in-line, automatic chemical feed available

US Products Cobra H Portable Carpet Extractor

The COBRA -H provides exceptional value in a hot water carpet extractor. At 100 psi and 212º F instant heat, the COBRA -H can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs on carpet or upholstery. It features advanced solid state circuitry, allowing the internal heat exchanger to maintain 212º F cleaning solution at the tip for superior cleaning and to monitor the smart circuit locator, which prevents blown circuits. The low moisture system improves carpet drying times. The dual two-stage vacuums, with patented manifold system, give powerful performance with 150” of lift while also prolonging vacuum motor life. The COBRA -H is lightweight and has 9 gallon solution and recovery tanks.

US Products HHP Portable Carpet Extractor

The HHP Series portable carpet extractors offer versatility, labor savings, and superior cleaning results. Cleaning with high heat and high pressure dramatically improves cleaning effectiveness. The HHP offers instant heat to 212ºF at the tip on all heated models and psi of 150, 75/300 or adjustable 0-300. Adjustable pressure allows you to clean carpets, fabrics and upholstery. Each machine uses our low moisture system, which improves drying times. The HHP offers solid state circuitry, including our patented circuit locator to prevent blown circuits. It’s compact enough to fit upright in your van or S.U.V. Experience the super-cleaning power of the HHP Series portable carpet extractor.

US Product Moccasin 2022 Self-Contained Extractor


  • 20 Gallon Polyethylene Tanks for Solution and Recovery
  • Three Stage Bypass Type Vacuum Motor
  • Variable Speed Drive Motor
  • Spray Jets Mounted on Pullout Bar
  • Floating Vacuum Shoe Swings on Turns
  • Offset, Spring-Loaded Floating Brush Head
  • Quick Access to Vacuum Motor Pump and Drive Units
  • Float shutoff System
  • 100 PSI Bypass Solution Pump
  • Solution Level Indicator
  • Built-in Spray Wand and Bottle Holders
  • Heavy-duty Polyethylene construction
  • Dual-Piece Brush Housing Cover
  • Quick-Release Cord
  • Lifetime Polyethylene Tank Warranty

US Products Ultimate Portable Carpet Extractor

The Ultimate is the all-in-one cleaning machine, cleaning all fabric types and carpets. This versatile extractor makes it easy to professionally dry clean natural fabric and wet clean synthetics. This unique, patented machine makes every job quick and easy — no more taking down drapes or avoiding certain furniture, fabric panels or oriental carpets. Exclusive features such as adjustable instant heat, quick flush lines, stainless steel tanks, solid state circuitry, solvent sensing system and single cord make the Ultimate the machine of choice.