Carpet Cleaning Water Tanks & Softeners

Fresh Water Booster System

The Fresh Water Booster System is designed to transfer water from a fresh water tank to another machine. This is how it works: the bladder collapses under the pressure of the pump and then feeds that pressure back to the other machine. This keeps the pump from running continually and eliminates l cycling of the pump. This is an ideal unit for machines that have a manual or ‘toilet-bowl-style’ float valve for incoming water. Conveniently installs on floor or wall of vehicle. Can run dry and cause harm, if water supply fails. 4.5 GPM/40 psi. Self-Priming.

Part #: AP36
Rotovac Price: $376.93

Fresh Water Reservoir Tank

The 100-gallon capacity Fresh Water Reservoir Tank is constructed of durable polyethylene and equipped with a built-in chemical shelf that holds up to five one-gallon containers. Includes an automatic water-fill shut-off.  Molded baffles, inside the tank, reduce water movement during transport. Created to be mounted anywhere in the work vehicle! No matter where the tank is mounted, filling and draining is simplified with convenient, multiple-access ports. Easily monitor water levels with transparent tank.

Part #: AX139
Rotovac Price: $989.00

85-Gallon Sub-Mount Fresh Water Tank

Keep plenty of fresh water on hand for those big jobs. Fresh Water Tanks are available in a variety of capacities and timesaving features, giving the professional the freedom to customize vehicle installation in a configuration that best suits business needs!

Part #: 85-gallon-sub-mount-fresh-tank
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The Pumpout V115 Pre-filter and Pump

Pre-Filter and Pump Waste Water Wherever You Choose!

Now you can set up The Pumpout V115 on every work site to pre-filter and pump wastewater. The Pumpout V115 sets up in-line with your vacuum hoses. From there, wastewater is pre-filtered and ejected (via garden-hose) straight into a toilet or other wastewater outlet. Saves the professional cleaner the hassle of having to return to the truck to clean filters and empty waste tanks! The Pumpout V115 only requires a household current and is dual-wand capable. The unit is constructed of durable aluminum and includes a carrying handle. The ejector pump is hardworking and withstands the toughest jobs.  This is also a great product for water damage and flood restoration. Capable of high-volume output; (pumps 10-GPM). Complete with dual stainless removable filters.

Part #: AC12H
Rotovac Price: $988.00

Self-Contained Automatic Water Softener

A water softener is an economical way to maintain your machine and keep it running at its highest efficiency. Rather than wasting time and money on costly repairs that become necessary because of scale buildup within, keep the water you use safer by implementing the use of a water softener. This Self-Contained Automatic Water Softener comes complete and will provide treated water in approximately one hour. The brine tank is smaller in size than comparable units, but has all the professional features of a full-sized softener. Occupies only one square-foot of vehicle floor space. User-friendly. About once a week, (depending on water hardness and usage), hook up the softener to a water source, twist the automatic timer and focus on other priorities–it’s fully automatic!

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Flojet VSD Pump

The Flojet VSD’s pump senses the h2o flow and adjusts the motor speed to provide a consistent flow and pressure without cycling. Works like a pump and bladder system without the bladder! Superb choice when working with well water or other types of fresh water tanks. 

Part #: AP38
Rotovac Price: $236.85

Propane Water Heater - 65,000 BTUs

Amazing Propane Water Heater delivers outstanding heat for both truck mounts and portable units. The 120,000 BTU unit is capable of reaching 120-degrees Fahrenheit at 1.25 GPM and 60-degrees Fahrenheit at 2.5 GPM! The 65,000 BTU unit delivers a 100-degree Fahrenheit heat rise at .9 GPM and 60-degrees Fahrenheit at 1.5 GPM. Thermostatically controlled and adjustable to 200-degrees Fahrenheit plus.

Part #: AX42
Rotovac Price: $1,384.00

Auto-Recharge Water Softener

The self-contained Automatic-Recharge Softener is a great space saver. It comes completely assembled and ready to mount in your work vehicle. The brine tank is small but has all the professional features of a full-sized softener unit. Occupies only one square-foot of vehicle floor space. User-friendly. About once a week, (depending on water hardness and usage), hook up the softener to a water source, twist the automatic timer and focus on other work priorities–it’s fully automatic! Produces soft water in under an hour. 

Part #: AC40
Rotovac Price: $1,095.40

Large Water Softener Stand

Keep your water softener right were it's supposed to be with this holder. Made of lightweight, no rust aluminum and mounts easily in the van. Holds either the AC39 or AC40 water softener. The measurements are 11" W x 10-1/2" D x 35" tall.

Part #: AC39A
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