The Pumpout V115 Pre-filter and Pump

Pumpout v115

Pre-Filter and Pump Waste Water Wherever You Choose!

Now you can set up The Pumpout V115 on every work site to pre-filter and pump wastewater. The Pumpout V115 sets up in-line with your vacuum hoses. From there, wastewater is pre-filtered and ejected (via garden-hose) straight into a toilet or other wastewater outlet. Saves the professional cleaner the hassle of having to return to the truck to clean filters and empty waste tanks! The Pumpout V115 only requires a household current and is dual-wand capable. The unit is constructed of durable aluminum and includes a carrying handle. The ejector pump is hardworking and withstands the toughest jobs.  This is also a great product for water damage and flood restoration. Capable of high-volume output; (pumps 10-GPM). Complete with dual stainless removable filters.

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Retail Price: $1,040.00
Rotovac Price: $988.00


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