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The Monsoon with new high performance ZX vacuum motors produces enough vacuum power to efficiently run up to 200 feet of vacuum hose and operates on two 15 amp circuits! With it's large 15 gallon clean water tank and automatic pump out of the dirty water, the Monsoon sets a new standard for portable carpet cleaning machines.


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Part # Description Price


140” ZX vac motor, 220PSI

Retail Price: $1,995.00
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220” Dual ZX 220PSI, APO

Retail Price: $2,995.00
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220” Dual ZX 220PSI, APO, AF

Retail Price: $3,195.00
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Total reviews: 3
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wow!!!! We absolutely love the Monsoon!!!! We have been a client of Rotovac since 2009. They are always improving everything. Well, this Monsoon has double the suction of the old version CFX extractors we have, so that means much faster drying times but there are several other features that make this simply amazing!!! Let me list them here: 1) Suction is so strong it sounds like a monsoon or a tornado of wind. So, faster dry times than prior models. 2) Auto shut off. If you get a nasty job and filters get full of hair that can restrict the auto pump out, the Monsoon automatically shuts off if water level gets too high. This is also great if you forget to turn on the pump-out switch which we sometimes forget to do. 3)The wheels on this machine are so durable and spin so easy, you can cart this anywhere and we do! We even cart it to high rise condo top floors and put heavy stuff on top of the machine to make the trip to the top easier! 4)The noise level of the Monsoon is less than prior models that we have and we love that! 5) The exhaust water tank is so large, we have never had an issue with foam shooting out the extractor whereas that is a common issue with other extractors. 6) If we get to a job with no water, no problem! The Monsoon has a water tank reservoir with pump. What will they think of next?!!! So, we have been using the Monsoon over 6 months now and will be buying more in the coming months! We love it!!!! Bruce Fagan Steam Clean My Carpets, LLC Deltona, Fl

Vry powerful. Good tires on the back. Holds a good amount of water. Nice for the money

I purchased the Monsoon after using one of my friends machines. It was on a slight back order and took about 2 weeks to actually receive my machine from the day it was purchased. But it was totally worth it. It sucks way harder then my old Ninja! I usually run about 100 ft of 2 inch hose and still get amazing dry times. The plastic body is pretty thick and seems like it will last a long time. Ide recommend the monsoon to anyone that uses a portable! Its really a great machine for the money!

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