Rotovac 360XL High Performance Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rotovac 360i

High Performance Carpet Cleaning Machine

Tired cleaner

Stop Breaking Your Back with a Manual Wand

Engineered by Cliff Monson, the inventor of Rotary Jet Extraction, the 360XL is designed for high performance carpet cleaning. The 360XL has multiple cleaning head options, a telescoping handle and weighs 68lbs. The Swoop Glide™ vacuum shoes eliminate over-spray while deep cleaning the carpet with unparalleled results.

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Rotovac 360XL Product Details

The Rotovac 360XL is a Patented Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360XL weighs only 68 lbs and is extremely easy to use as it operates in a self propelled side to side motion. Simply stated, “The 360XL cleans better with less effort."

Works with most Portable Extractors or Truck Mounts

The Rotovac 360XL is air flow calibrated to work with most portable extractors or any truck mount extractor. Give your business a boost and your back a break by hooking up the 360XL to your existing portable or truck mount.


  • Cleans better with less effort and leaves carpet drier than a wand
  • Large 15" wide cleaning head
  • High torque motor with tough helical reduction gearing
  • Patented Swoop Glide™ vacuum ports
  • Telescoping handle for compact storage
  • 144 RPM
  • 55 lbs (without cleaning head) 68 with head
  • Rugged cast aluminum frame
  • 2" clear view tube
  • Unique marketing tool, land new accounts and generate referral business
made in the usa.
360xl upright
360xl cleaning heads

Several Quick Change Cleaning Heads Available

The Rotovac 360XL comes standard with the Carpet Triple Head™. Several other optional cleaning heads are also available.

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Cleaning videos made by Rotovac owners

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Finance for only $59 a month!

Rotovac Price: $2,895.00

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Total reviews: 2
5 out of 5 stars
Mark Markovic

The 360XL is a game changer. I am 66 now and have no problem using my 360 XL. I sold my two RX 20s after I was convinced the XL did a better job and was easier to use. I forgot to mention how the design of the head allows me to go under more toe kicks sofas, and other lower furniture without moving the piece. Don’t regret using a better machine that makes my jobs easier and still have deeper cleaning performance.

dan rasmussen
I've used the rx-20 for 22 years. it's great for large open areas. i gave up on it. The rotovac 360 xl has better air flow, is more ergonomic and leaves the carpet dryer. With the 3/4 hp motor on the 360 xl it never bogs down even when cleaning concrete with 1/8 in thickness of old forklift tires, worked great. I've now cleaned carpets for 37 years. I clean 3 to 4 jobs of carpet cleaning 5 days a week. I've used the rx-20, too heavy on the my right shoulder and too aggressive on weak seams. I've owned the rotovac swinger with the use of a small portable, too small, too slow, but worked. I've wned and used the rdm.. tooo slow and not enough. rinse. waste of time! i 've used the T-rex too awkward and too much open area of suction slots. i've owned the rotovac powerwand, too aggressive and to slow for my truckmount. i've owned the 360 i , too small for my truck mount. i've used the power glide. too heavy and slow. I own 2 rotovac 360 xl and am total happy about the performance of cleaning, speed ergonomic and selection of cleaning heads. In a large room i can run the 360 with one hand using the right handle and a hairband (cruise control) on the left handle, love it. I even use the hard surface head to strip wax with. my truck mount is custom, has 800,000 Btu of heat available and a 11 gpm pump and 480 cfm at 13 " of hg. i use 8 spray jets under it and it strips wax great. the air flow is superb on the 360 xl. i've made 3 modification on the 360 unique to my needs. Can't do that on the rx-20. I very much like the rotovac xl. Yes, i am very wordy and have my own opinion. i've earned it after 37 years of cleaning carpets. I believe the rotary power head should match the truck mount or portable that you are using.

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