Furniture Protectors

EZ Moves Furniture Slides

EZ Moves are your ticket to easy one-person moving of furnishings on the worksite. A great find for the one-man crew and also helps to protect the backs of all techs. To use: tilt the object, slide the EZ underneath and push the object away from the work area. Choose standard EZ Moves Pro for most items with legs. EZ Moves 4' Slides are made for items with a larger base, without legs. EZ Moves Hard Surface Pro provides a felt-bottom version for ease of moving objects across hard-surfaced floors.

Part #: AC028
EZ Moves Pro Set of 4
Rotovac Price: $29.82
Part #: AC023
EZ Moves Pro Set of 2
Rotovac Price: $29.02

Forearm Forklift

Reduce potential costly damages on the jobsite when moving heavy furnishings and also protect your back! The Forearm Forklift is a must-have for the safety-conscious professional. Constructed of a super strong webbing and supports up to 600 lbs. (per pair). This leverage tool also enforces the use of proper lifting techniques. Makes the one daunting task of hauling heavy and awkwardly-shaped items easy.

Part #: AX116
Rotovac Price: $19.19

Plastic Pads

Easily zip these handy pads off as needed. Constructed of clear plastic. They come in two sizes for use under furniture. A great economical choice and smart safety-measure to protect furnishings from cleaning agents and water, and to prevent rust. Comes in 50-pack or more, and different sizing.

Part #: AC19D
Package of 1000 3"x3"
Rotovac Price: $12.72
Part #: AC19
Case of 5000 3"x3"
Rotovac Price: $38.18
Part #: AC20A
Package of 1000 4"x4"
Rotovac Price: $19.09
Part #: AC20
Package of 5000 4"x4"
Rotovac Price: $59.40

Foil Tabs

These 3" x 3" protector pads are an excellent product for protecting furniture from damp carpeting. Made with foil on one side and thick paper on the reverse side. A smart safety-measure to protect furnishings from cleaning agent and water damage, and to prevent rust. These foil tables are often the traditional cleaner's choice.

Part #: AC21A
Package of 1000
Rotovac Price: $16.65
Part #: AC21
Case of 5000
Rotovac Price: $58.88