Valves for Carpet Cleaning Machines & Extractors

Looking for replacement cleaning valves for your carpet cleaning business? Rotovac has a wide selection at factory-direct pricing.

Brass V-800 Valve

This is the V-800 valve that goes with the Rotovac Powerwand and Rotovac DHX.

Angle Valve

This is an angle valve that is used in the Rotovac 360i and the Rotovac 360XL

V4N Valve for Sheardry

Needle Valve Female to Female

For Sheardry

V-800 Valve for Bonzer

Valve for Manual Wand SW-2-02A

Valve for Enduro Wand

Valve for Wespak Detail Tool 10-0521

Valve for Squeegee Wand W-156012

Valve for Stair Wand's 1540 and S1540SV

Valve for CV20B, CV25SB and U1550CB