Carpet Cleaning Heaters

HF2000 In-Line Heater

This 2000 watt, 13.4-amp heater with failsafe 250F back-up thermostat is a must for portable cleaning when extra heat is required- or use it to provide supplemental heat to truck mounts. Supplied with quick connects and ready to attach to your solution line, the HF2000 is automatically controlled up to 220F, Features a stainless steel heat chamber rated to 1000 PSI and 25-amp circuit breaker. Includes cord wrap, carrying handle and lighted switch.

Part #: AX39
Rotovac Price: $869.00

Hydro-Force Bucket Heater


  • 1,000 Watts
  • Immersion Heater
  • Heats 1 gallon of water from 60 to 130 degrees F in 10 min
  • Automatic Safety Shutoff Switch

Part #: AX28
Rotovac Price: $65.00

Century 400 Portable 1850 Watt External Heater

The Portable Heater will give you a continuous source of hot water for more effective cleaning. This compact unit will work with any compatible portable extractor. Its in-line flow design allows efficient water flow at pressures up to 1000 PSI.

Part #: 8.604-105.0
Rotovac Price: $629.00