Carpet Cleaning Vacuum Hose Cuffs & Connectors

Our vacuum hose connectors and hose cuffs allow you to connect multiple hoses to your portable carpet extractor or truckmount. We offer a variety of hose connector sizes from 1.5" to 2".

Enlarger Hose Cuff

1.5" Hose Cuff, Standard

2" Hose Cuff, Standard

PVC Hose Connector 2" x1.5

Hose Connector Barb 1.5

Hose Connector Barb 2

2.5" Hose Connector

Hose Barb 1.5" Threads To 2" Cuff

1.5" Swivel Hose Cuff, Standard

2" Swivel Hose Cuff, Standard

Reducer Hose Cuff

Hose Connector 1.5

Hose Connector 2" to 2" Threaded Adapter Cuff

Vacuum Y 2" Cuff

Stainless Connector 2" to 1.5" Cuff

Vacuum Relief 1.5" Cuff

Stainless Hose Connector 1.5" Cuff