Auto Detailing Equipment

Rotovac has an excellent selection of auto detailing equipment, including the following recommended brands:

Rotovac ShearDry Upholstery Cleaning Tool

The Rotovac ShearDry Upholstery Tool cleans in both
directions with no overspray or dripping. Constructed
of light weight super strong fiberglass reinforced
composite, the ShearDry is the most comfortable
and effective upholstery tool on the market today.

Rotovac Price: $495.00

Crevice Tools

Crevice tools are perfect for inbetween couches, inside couch cushions and in the nooks and crannies of houses that a regular hand tool is to wide to handle.

Auto Detailing Package

A complete auto detailing equipment package.

Rotovac Price: $348.00

Sandia 50-7000 Sniper Auto

The Sandia 3 Gallon Indy has both a demand-type 55 psi n Pump and a VERY heavy-duty, single 2 stage vac motor for incredible cleaning results & lightning fast dry time.

  • 4-Inch stainless steel hand tool
  • 8-Foot vacuum and solution hose
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels for smooth, quiet operation
  • Single 2-Stage vacuum motor
  • 1 Year warranty in parts
Part #: 50-7000
Rotovac Price: $795.00

Rotovac Enduro Portable Extractor

The ENDURO portable extractor is built solid. With a nearly indestructible roto-molded polyethylene body, the ENDURO is designed for the reliability and performance that professionals demand. The ENDURO is available in several different configurations. The tilt open access to all components makes for easy, do it yourself, repair and maintenance.

Part #: ENDURO-2220
Dual 2 stage, 220PSI
Rotovac Price: $1,895.00
Part #: ENDURO-2220H
Dual 2 stage, 220PSI
Rotovac Price: $2,395.00
Part #: ENDURO-3500
Dual 3 stage, 0-500 PSI
Rotovac Price: $2,595.00
Part #: ENDURO-2500H
Dual 2 stage, 0-500 PSI
Rotovac Price: $2,895.00

EDIC Galaxy 5 500BX-HR Carpet Box Extractor

The Galaxy 5™ was designed for remarkable heat and power all housed within an incredibly lightweight and portable package. The Galaxy 5™ is the obvious choice for auto detailing and for those jobs where a small yet powerful unit makes more sense. The new optional 705HR external heater can be removed in seconds if a repair is necessary.

No Heat Machine Only

Add $517 to get the EDIC 705HR Heater which attaches to the back of this unit.

Part #: 500BX-HR
Rotovac Price: $1,200.00