TCS Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines

TCS truckmounts are designed for easy operation and maintenance. TCS machines have an open frame, which allows for easy access to the mechanical components for repairs or adjustments. For the TCS Warrior, Chief, and Chief II, gasoline engines power the vacuum blower and pressure pump with a propane burner delivering the heated water. The Chief II Diesel uses a diesel engine to power the vacuum blower and pressure pump and a 280,000 BTU diesel heater for the water.

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TCS Warrior - Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Warrior is the most affordable machine in the TCS line
of simple, dependable truckmounts. But don't be fooled into
thinking that the Warrior is a typical "entry-level" machine.

  • 19 HP Kholer
  • Sutorbilt 3M @288 cfm
  • Cat 290 @ 1200 psi

TCS Flood Trooper - Water Extraction Machine

  • Honda iGX800 Engine
  • Sutorbilttm 4M DSL @ 331 CFM vac blower
  • 100 gallon recovery tank
  • 250' vacuum hose
  • Vacuum hose reel

TCS Chief 2 Diesel HD - Truck Mount

Combine TCS Simply Dependable Chief II performance with the superior longevity of a Kohler diesel engine and the seriously high temperatures of a flow-fired diesel boiler and you have the new Chief II HD.  

  • 26.1 HP Kohler Diesel
  • Sutorbilt 4L DSL @ 495 cfm
  • General HTX 1810S solution pump

TCS Chief 2 Truckmount

The Chief 2 is the flagship of the TCS line. Powered by the legendary Kohler 29, the high-performance 4LP (#47)  blower makes all the flow you need for dual-wand power.

  • Kohler 29HP
  • Sutorbilt 4L DSL@495 cfm
  • Emperor Pump w/Clutch (1,200 PSI)

TCS Chief - Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Chief has incredible power and vacuum thanks to a
more powerful engine and larger blower. Like the Warrior,
the Chief is a simple, dependable machine

  • Honda iGX800
  • Sutorbilt 4M @330 cfm
  • Emperor Pump w/Clutch (1,200 PSI)

TCS Hercules X-18 - Carpet Extractor

Standard Features

  • Briggs 18-HP
  • Sutorbilt 3L Blower
  • Cat 290 W/ Clutch
  • Little Giant 3 HT Heater
  • 12-Gallon Propane Tank
  • 65-Gallon Recovery Tank
  • 6-Gallon Fresh Water Tank (Aluminum)
  • 5-Gallon Chemical Bucket
  • 100-Foot Pressure Hose
  • 100-Foot Vacuum Hose (75'-2" & 25' 1.5")
  • Wand: 1.5-Inches, Two-Jet

TCS Brave - Truck Mount Carpet Extractor

  • 19 HP Kohler Command Pro Engine
  • Sutorbilt 3M DSL vac blower @ 156 CFM
  • General Emperor solution pump TX 1810S
  • Little Giant 3 HT heater @ 200+ degrees
  • 100' vacuum hose