Truck Mounts

truck mount carpet cleaning

Yes, We Install Truck Mounts!

We sell many brands of truck mounts for carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning at the guaranteed lowest prices in the USA.

TCS Truck Mounts

TCS truckmounts are designed for easy operation and maintenance. TCS machines have an open frame, which allows for easy access to the mechanical components for repairs or adjustments. For the TCS Warrior, Chief, and Chief II, gasoline engines power the vacuum blower and pressure pump with a propane burner delivering the heated water. The Chief II Diesel uses a diesel engine to power the vacuum blower and pressure pump and a 280,000 BTU diesel heater for the water.

Steam Action Truck Mounts

Steam Action Truck Mounts are some of the world’s best truckmounts. They offer simplicity and reliability through our equipment that has been named #1 in dry time as well as #1 in cleaning time.

Hydramaster Truckmounts

Truck Mount Accessories

Rotovac carries only the best of truck mounts and truck mount accessories. All the truck mount accessories you would ever need from hose reels to chemical racks.

Powerplus Truck Mounts

Powerplus truckmounts are an extremely powerful, feature-rich truck mount that gives entry-level cleaners room to grow and experienced cleaners expanded cleaning and revenue-generating capabilities.

Truck Mount Van Packages

Used Truck Mounts

All truck mounts sold as is with no warranty.

El Diablo Truck Mounts

The Masterblend El Diablo truckmount is powered by a Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine. The special vacuum relief valve on the recovery tank delivers extra vacuum power to allow up to 700 ft vacuum hose runs. The 195,000 BTU diesel burner delivers constant 200+ degrees of heat.

Part #: 300011
Diesel HTR - 70 gal recovery tank
Rotovac Price: $23,995.00
Part #: 300001
Diesel HTR - 100 gal recovery tank
Rotovac Price: $24,995.00