Revolution Low Pressure Sprayer

Hydroforce sprayer AS12 R

APPLY ANY CHEMICAL IN YOUR TRUCK. Get ratios of 1:4 up to 1:64 with a turn of the knob.
BETTER CLEANING. When you come to that grimy area in front of the couch, turn the knob for higher concentrations of cleaner, then turn it lower for lighter soils.

SAVE MONEY. Now you, the professional, decide your mix ratio on pre-spray; heavy for heavy soil, light for light soil. You won't need constant high concentrations when only a small portion of the job requires it.


  • Stainless steel metering stem.
  • Large knob with bigger numbers.
  • Can Recalibrate draw rations in the field.
  • More accurate and reliable.
  • Either high or low pressure model.
Part # Description Price


Low Pressure 50-250 psi

Retail Price: $194.00
Rotovac Price: $179.55


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