Kleenrite X-Vac Pile Lifter

Kleenrite x vac pile lifter


  • X VAC The Xtreme Pile Lifting High Air Flow Vacuum
  • 99% Filtration (0.3 micron)
  • Natural Vegetable Fiber Brush
  • Positive Brush Drive
  • 12300 RPM Fan motor

Clean, Restore and maintain the appearance of all carpets!

The X VAC provides Xtreme soil removal of dry particles imbedded in carpet fibers and Xtreme pile lifting capabilities. Regular use of an X VAC helps keep carpeted areas cleaner and visible more attractive while promoting a healthier environment due to the X VAC's high micron filtration capabilities. The X VAC is a must for every carpet care program or prior to wet or low moisture cleaning of carpets in residential or commercial environments.x

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