Hydro-Force Versapro

Hydro-Force Versapro

The VersaPro is a rotary floor machine that allows you to expand into all types of floor care services without investing thousands of dollars in many different machines. Since consumer flooring is shifting away from carpeting, it makes perfect sense for today's professional to be prepared to care for different types of flooring. This machine makes that possible! With the VersaPro, you get the versatility of five or six different types of machines for the cost of one!

*optional accessories pictured are not included with the machine


  • Encapsulation and Bonnet Cleaning
  • Stripping and Waxing Vinyl Floors
  • Heavy Scrubbing on Tile
  • Refinish prep on Hardwood Floors
  • Polishing and Honing on Stone

ONE MACHINE gives you the option of 13", 15", 17", 19", or 21" coverage.

The Key to the VersaPro's Flexibility

The key to the VersaPro's ingenuity is the different apron sizes offered. Rather than buy one rotary machine in each size, all you have to do is simply change the apron on the Versapro to get the clearing path that you need for the job. All aprons come with non-marking full wrap bumpers.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
13" Apron w/ BumperAC913ACall for pricing
15" Apron w/ BumperAC915ACall for pricing
17" Apron w/ BumperAC917ACall for pricing
19" Apron w/ BumperAC919A
Call for pricing
21" Apron w/ BumperAC921A

Call for pricing

For Tile and Grout

With tile and grout cleaning rising in popularity (and profitability) you can clean tile and grout by attaching the tile cleaning brush , and let the powerful agitation of .022 DuPont Tynex bristles do the rest!

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Tile Cleaning Brush, 11" Fits 13" MachineAC913CCall for pricing
Tile Cleaning Brush, 13" Fits 15" MachineAC915CCall for pricing
Tile Cleaning Brush, 15" Fits 17" MachineAC917CCall for pricing
Tile Cleaning Brush, 17" Fits 19" MachineAC919CCall for pricing
Tile Cleaning Brush, 19" Fits 21" MachineAC921CCall for pricing
Shampoo Tank, 4 GallonAC96Call for pricing

For Encapsulation Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing

The showerfeed carpet shampoo brush comes in 5 different sizes so you can agitate presprays or perform encapsulation cleaning.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Carpet Shampoo Brush, 11" Fits 13" MachineAC913BCall for pricing
Carpet Shampoo Brush, 13" fits 15" MachineAC915BCall for pricing
Carpet Shampoo Brush, 15" fits 17" machineAC917BCall for pricing
Carpet Shampoo Brush, 17" fits 19" machineAC919BCall for pricing
Carpet Shampoo Brush, 19" fits 21" machineAC921BCall for pricing
Shampoo Tank, 4 GallonAC96Call for pricing

Weight System and Weighted Pad Drivers

To turn the VersaPro into a machine suited for honing and polishing stone, marble and wood, as well as bonnet cleaning and VCT floor care, simply add the Unicorn Weight System and a Weighted Pad Driver. This allows you to place the weight directly over the pad and gives you a better polish.

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Weighted Pad Drivers, 13"AC913Call for pricing
Weighted Pad Drivers, 15"AC915Call for pricing
Weighted Pad Drivers, 17"AC917Call for pricing
Weighted Pad Drivers, 19"AC919Call for pricing
Weighted Pad Drivers, 21"AC921Call for pricing
Unicorn and Weight KitMH48WCall for pricing
Part # Description Price


Versa Pro with 17" Apron and Bumper

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Versa Pro (no accessories)

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Unicorn and Weight Kit

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