Auto Detailing Package

Auto detail kit

A. External Spray Crevice Tool


  • Clean those extra tight areas between obstacles
  • All Stainless Steel construction, including nuts and bolts
  • 8" flattened reach
  • 500 PSI
  • 1 foot whip
  • Brass spray jet
  • Part Number: CV20B
  • Internal spray available for an additional $25 (CV25SB)

B. Compact Car Detail Tool


When you need a little more reach than the regular detailer! This compact car detailer is an extremely versatile tool for the upholstery and car detailing industries.

  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • Quick clean stainless steel jet set-up
  • Dual overspray control apertures
  • All the great features of all the detailers in one!
  • 3-1/2" wide
  • 500 PSI
  • Brass spray jet
  • Part Number: U1550CB

C. Closed Spray Detail Tool


  • For those who don't want an internal spray detailer, but want a contained spray tool
  • Contained spray retains heat but allows for countable cleaning passes
  • Stainless steel, including nuts and bolts
  • 4" wide
  • High pressure with 1’ whip
  • 500 PSI
  • Brass spray jet
  • Part Number: 10-0521
Part # Description Price


Retail Price: $447.00
Rotovac Price: $348.00


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