US Products Express Multi-Surface Extractor

This product has been discontinued.
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Experience the results of patented, rotary cleaning for carpet and hard floors. U.S. Products Express Multi-Surface floor cleaning system blends carpet cleaning and hard floor scrubbing in one self-contained unit. We've taken a proven method - rotary cleaning - and combined it with a water injection/vacuum extraction system. With little or no effort, the Express glides over the carpet, cleaning forward and backward, close to any object.

The Express has earned the silver Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it meets higher than average standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness. To qualify for the Seal of Approval, extractors must undergo a stringent testing process at an independent laboratory that measures three key performance criteria: amount of soil removed, amount of water left in the carpet sample and impact of the equipment on carpet fibers and appearance. Extractors that exceed average soil removal standards receive a bronze rating. Those achieving higher standards receive a silver rating, and those achieving the highest level of soil removal are awarded the gold level Seal of Approval.

50% more productive carpet cleaning
Unlike most self-contained carpet cleaning systems, the Express cleans in both directions. The superior cleaning ability is due to its powerful patented cleaning head. The Express is a true, one-pass cleaning system.

Power assist drive and steering
The secret lies in the rotating cleaning heads, which assist in driving the unit in virtually any desired direction. The rear castered wheels assist in cleaning close to any object. Young or old, experienced or inexperienced can clean effortlessly with equal cleaning results.
Mytee 2200 Air Mover
  • Multi-Surface: Clean carpet and hard floors
  • Greater Run Times: 12 gallon capacity
  • Easy Operation: Self propelled power assist
  • Non-Corrosive: Rotomolded tanks on steel frame for superior durability
  • Removable Tanks: Easy service and maintenance
  • 15" Wide: Clean more carpet per hour and increase productivity
  • Non-Marking Wheels: 10" rubber tread that wont mark up your customer's floor
  • Control Panel: 3 switches conveniently located for easy operation
  • Optional Tools: Carpet wand or hand tool accessories, hard floor kits cleaning versatility
  • Power assist drive and steering
  • Clean Carpet and hard floors with the same machine
  • Greater Vacuum Performance
  • Quiet Operation
  • 12 Gallon Capacity
  • Self Propelled Power

Suggested Retail Price: $5,295
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