Rotovac Powerwand Parts List - Upright

B-008Rear Wheel Bushing
C-003Power Cord, 50 ft
C-010Casting, Hook Latch
C-011Casting, Wand Handle Base Yoke
C-018Carbon Brush
C-020Carbon Brush Cap
C-051Power Cord, 6 ft w. Male Plug
C-2317Housing, Motor Tube
C-2318Housing, Motor Cap
D-2324Housing, Upper Gear Box
F-038Push Lock, Rotary Union
F-039Push Lock, Valve
F-040Push Lock, T-Connection
F-041Frame, Main
F-043Frame Top Plate
F-046Front Wheel Caster Bracket
G-002Wand Grip w/ Retainer
H-016Vacuum Hose 10"
H-017Water Line 5ft
K-026Adjustment Knob (Top)
K-027Adjustment Knob (Bottom)
L-001Wand Latch Bolt
R-037Rotary Union, Carbon Seal
S-055Wand Hinge Bolt
V-002Valve O-Ring set, V-800
V-003R800S O-Ring Stem Kit
V-050Valve Trigger Foam Grip
V-051V-800 Valve
V-052Valve Hanger
V-0521Ball Valve 1/4"
V-055Male Quick Connect, Standard
V-056Valve Trigger w/ Roll Pin
V-057Female Quick Connect, Large
V-058Male Quick Connect, Standard
V-059Female Quick Connect
W-012Front Wheel w/ Axle & Locknut
W-016Rear Wheel
W-050Wand, Stainless Steel
W-051Wand, View Tube
W-052Heat Sleeve for Wand Grip

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