Rotovac 360i-15

"Power Head for High Performance Carpet & Tile Cleaning"

Most carpet cleaners today still use the old manual scrub wand method simply because it has been around for over 40 years. Using a manual wand requires a great deal of physical labor and only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. The manual wand is old technology and offers nothing new or different to market to your customers

Rotovac 360i-15 Product Details

The New Rotovac 360i-15 is a Patent Pending Rotary Extraction Machine that utilizes a rotary vacuum head to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360i-15 weighs only 44 lbs and is extremely easy to use as it operates in a self propelled side to side motion. Simply stated, the 360i-15 cleans better with less effort.


  • 15" quad carpet cleaning head with 4 teflon vacuum shoes & 4 spray jets
  • 25% larger cleaning path than 360i
  • Cleans better with less effort and leaves carpet drier than a wand
  • Interchangeable heads for all type of Carpet and Tile Cleaning
  • User friendly, weighs only 44lbs
  • Telescoping handle for cleaning stairs and compact storage
  • Durable Construction with Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel Frame
  • Unique Marketing Tool to land new accounts and generate referral business
  • Industrially Engineered for Professional Use
  • Made in the USA

Carpet Cleaning Head:

The New Rotovac 360i-15 is a Rotary Jet Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotating vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The new and improved carpet cleaning head is equiped with 4 teflon glide vacuum shoes and 4 spray jets to
create less overspray, more agitation and quicker dry times.

Rotovac 360i15

Rotovac 15" head vs 12" head

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Variable Head Speed Control

The 360i-15 is equipped with a variable head speed control dial on the handle to allow the operator to adjust the head speed from 0 to 250 RPM.

This feature allows the 360i-15 to adapt to all carpets from direct commercial glue downs to plush installed over pad residential carpeting. Glue down carpet may require a slower head speed for smooth operation and maximum recovery while plush carpeting may need a faster head speed for best results.

Works with any Portable Extractor or Truck Mount

The Rotovac 360i-15 is air flow calibrated to work with any portable or truck mount extractor that uses a standard cleaning wand. Give your business a boost and your back a break by hooking up the 360i-15 to your existing portable or truck mount.