Pro's Choice Plant Based Solvent

Pros Choice Plant Based Solvent

PBS is a plant based, water miscible, solvent that contains no VOC's, no Butyls, no hazardous solvents and exceeds the guidelines for environmentally preferable products. Most importantly PBS brings you the superior performance you expect from a Pro's Choice product.

Use PBS to remove adhesive residue, grease, oil, tar, paint over-spray, lipstick, mascara, makeup, copy toner, and more. A light misting of PBS is great for breaking down heavy oily soil near kitchens or wherever oil or grease is tracked onto carpet.

Use full strength. Do not dilute. Apply a light even coating of PBS to contaminated area and agitate gently. Allow sufficient dwell time to dissolve contamination. Clean with hot water extraction to remove solvent and contamination.

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