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Residue and odor from burning tobacco products can accumulate on a variety of building surfaces and materials. Left untreated, these odors can actually intensify and become worse over time. Odorcide® Cigarette Smoke works through a process of counteraction and absorption to safely, but effectively eliminate the odor. Sold as a concentrate, Odorcide® Cigarette Smoke is diluted with water and applied using sprayer and fogger applications.

Designed to work in tank or trigger sprayers on small affected areas or materials such as drapery, upholstery, furniture, etc. • Can be used in wet fogging systems in rooms or large areas that have been affected by tobacco smoke. • In vehicle interiors as a spray to eliminate tobacco smoke odor from seats, fabric and the heater/air conditioning system.

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128 oz.

Rotovac Price: $66.00


16 oz.

Rotovac Price: $20.00


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