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Rotovac has an excellent selection of moisture detection insturments, including the following Dri-Eaz Tools:
GE Protimeter Surveymaster
The GE Protimeter Surveymaster offers 2 different ways to track the moisture content of carpet and pads: non-invasive radio frequencies and penetrating pins. Use the Surveymaster to tell sub-surface from surface dampness. This is absolutely essential knowledge when diagnosing the extent and root cause of a moisture issue.

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Part#: AC99
Retail Price: $684.00
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GE Protimeter Hammer Electrode
The GE Protimeter Hammer Electrode gets through structural material like sub-floors & framing to 1.38 inches (or 35 millimeters). The Hammer Electrode's insulated pins can tell you the precise moisture level of wood material or give you the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) percentage of various other materials.

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Part#: AC102
Retail Price: $255.00
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Dri-Eaz Hydrosensor I
Follow the migration of water in your client's carpet (and carpet pad) without wearing out your back by constantly bending over which is hard on the spine.

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Retail Price: $185.00
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Dri-Eaz Hydrosensor II
Follow the path of water in carpet and pad without messing up your back and spine.

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Retail Price: $215.00
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Pocket Thermo-Hygrometer
Pocket Thermo-Hygrometer - Wide Range and Fast Humidity Measurements - Measures temperature and humidity simultaneously. Use for all water damage & drying situations. Maximum and minimum memory functions for both humidity & temperatures. Farenheit to celsius switchable.

Part#: AC28
Retail Price: $79.99
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Sonin Moisture Measure Tool
Great for cleaners, inspectors, contractors, adjusters and homeowners to find out if excess moisture is present. Press the metal contact into surface to determine extent of moisture problem. The more lights on, the higher the moisture level. 9 volt battery required (not included).

Part#: AC792
Retail Price: $19.58
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Moisture Test Meter
This moisture test meter is designed to alert users to possible moisture problems. The metal contacts at the end of a 3' coiled cable detect moisture present in difficult to reach locations. Extremely useful in water restoration, urine detection, etc.

Part#: AC72
Retail Price: $51.13
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Precision Psychrometers
  • Fast response time (<30 seconds)
  • Dual backlit display
  • Simultaneous display of: Humidity/Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point or Humidity/Wet Bulb
  • Data Hold and Min/Max functions

Part#: AC113
Retail Price: $239.99
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Digital PH Meter
ExTech pH Meter has a unique flat surface electrode that allows for wider applications including on-the-spot surface measurements. It features a waterproof design with a rubberized housing which provides a non-slip grip. The plug-in electrode is easy to clean and maintain.

Part#: AU45
Retail Price: $110.99
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Mini Thermo-Anemometer
Displays air velocity, temperature, or wind-chill. Helps evaluate ventilation issues indoors, airflow for water damage restoration, and determine local weather conditions. Pocket size with averaging functions set at various intervals. CR2032 lithium battery included.

Part#: AC105
Retail Price: $131.99
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Datalogger for Temperature & Humidity
  • 32,000 readings (16,000 for each parameter: Humidity/Temperature)
  • Dew point indication via Windows® software (included)
  • Selectable data sampling rate: 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr
  • User-programmable alarm thresholds for RH and Temperature
  • Status Indication via Red/Yellow LED and Green LED
  • Long battery life
  • Dimensions: 5.1x1 .1x0.9" (130x30x25mm)/Weight: 1oz (20g)
  • Complete with 3.6V Lithium battery and Windows® compatible analysis software

Part#: AC117
Retail Price: $104.99
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Suretest Circuit Analyzer

The proper operation of your restoration equipment relies on an adequate supply of electrical power. Overloaded circuits and tripped circuit breakers can waste valuable time in the restoration process.

Now with the SureTest Circuit Analyzer you can check each outlet to determine the available voltage and amperage to be sure your equipment will operate properly and continue to operate until the job is completed.

Part#: AC128
Retail Price: $351.99
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Protimeter Aquant
Used to assess and monitor the relative moisture level of materials including plaster, masonry, lumber, gypsum, shingles, concrete, fiberglass (GRP) and many more. It is ideal for checking the relative moisture condition of building elements such as solid walls and floors prior to more rigorous and time-consuming investigative procedures that may be required. Leak paths in shower cubicles (behind ceramic tiles), in caravans/motor homes and mobile homes can be identified with the Aquant before visible water damage occurs. Also, this instrument may be used for surveying GRP boat hulls for the early detection of damp spots that could lead to blistering caused by osmosis.

Part#: AC110
Retail Price: $410.00
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Navigator Pro
The Navigator Pro is the state-of-the-art in moisture measurement technology for the water restoration pro! This three-in-one meter integrates pin and pinless technologies in one instrument. With an optional hammer probe you can take all required measurements including RH, temperature and moisture content of virtually any material. Plus, the Navigator Pro corrects for materials temperature for TES operators!

Part#: AC8204
Retail Price: $1100.00
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Delmhorst BD2100

Measuring, recording and tracking the moisture content of structural materials is critical to demonstrate that the building is being dried properly; justify equipment rental charges and to protect yourself from future liability that can result from improper drying.

The Delmhorst BD2100 is a penetrating meter with three scales for wood, drywall, plaster, insulation, concrete, paint, etc. It offers three scales, which allow you to evaluate virtually every material for water penetration. Comes with short probes and insulation probes. Can be used with hammer probe (not included).

Part#: AC8210
Retail Price: $470.00
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Test Check
We know that building inspections aren't always in ideal conditions - Well, here's your solution! The easy to use 2-in-1 TechCheck Plus was designed with simplicity in mind and helps to make even the most demanding inspection simple. The newly updated TechCheck Plus has all the great features you've come to expect along with some new ones.

Part#: AC8208
Retail Price: $550.00
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