GE Protimeter MMS Plus

Drieaz G Eprotimeter mms

Three Different Meters in One
The complete meter package! The GE Protimeter MMS Plus system has 3 different meter functions in 1 convenient unit. It also serves as a data logger. It’s an incredible tool, a tool that’s perfect for the restorer that wants to upgrade and buy an all in one moisture measuring system.

MMS Plus Hygrometer Mode
Measures the relative humidity, temperature, proximity to dewpoint, dewpoint, & grains per pound with the replaceable Protimeter Hygrostick.

Pin Measure Mode
Use the two pins to find out the moisture content of wood as well as the Wood Moisture Equivalent value of other building products.

Pinless Measure Mode
Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to become aware of the presence of moisture without messing up any materials.

Data Logger
Stores up to one thousand records for downloading to your computer. Allows you to keep perfect records of drying conditions. The GE Protimeter MMS Plus help guard your business and protect your loyal customers.

GE Protimeter MMS Plus Specifications

Gross Weight10.58 oz
Dimensions7” x 2.5” x 1.9”
Max Needle Depth0.4”
Batteries (included)2 AA Batteries
Measurement Range
Pin (% WME)6 to 99.9%
Non-Invasive (RF)0 to 1000 (relative)
up to 1” deep
Hygrostick (RH)20 to 100% RH,
32º to 122º F
Temp Probe Range15º to 120º F
Hygrostick Data
30 to 40% RH±2.5% RH
41 to 98% RH±1.75% RH
0.5º to 122º F±4.5%
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Retail Price: $1,199.00
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