Pro's Choice Efficient Pre-Spray

Pros Choice Efficient Pre-Spray


Efficient Pre-Spray Spotter is ideal for cleaning all synthetic carpets. It will breakdown and emulsify the toughest of soils. It is free rinsing and leaves no sticky residues.


Pre-spray traffic areas and spots with a solution of Efficient Pre-Spray before your cleaning process to break down and emulsify the soil, oil, chemical contaminates, etc. You will find that agitation of the soiled areas with a brush prior to your cleaning procedure will significantly improve the performance of your cleaning.


Efficient Pre-Spray is ready to use in injection sprayers with dilution ratios set to 8 or 9 to one. For heavy soil just pour it in and go to work. For light soil dilute with equal parts water (1 to1).

For measured dilution's use 20 parts water to 1 part Efficient for light soil. Use 10 parts water to 1 part Efficient for moderately heavy soil. Adjust your dilution up or down.

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