Carpet Fiber Identification

The only proper method of carpet fiber identification is the tried and true approach, often overlooked, but never forgotten. The following chart will guide you through and help you sort out a few areas of confusion.

The Burn Chart
FiberActionColorSpecial NoteOdor
WoolBurnsOrangeSelf extinguishesHair
SilkBurnsOrangeSelf extinguishesFeathers
PolyesterMeltsOrangeDense Black SmokeSweet/Fruity

Fiber Characteristics Chart
FiberTypeAd/AbpH **Dissolves in
WoolNaturalAbsorbent5.0 - 5.8Chlorine Bleach
SilkNaturalAbsorbent5.0 - 5.8Chlorine Bleach
NylonSyntheticAbsorbent1.5 - 13Hydrochloric Acid
Stain Resistant NylonSyntheticAbsorbent*Under 10Hydrochloric Acid
OlefinSyntheticAbsorbent1.5 - 13
PolyesterSyntheticAbsorbentUnder 10
AcrylicSyntheticAbsorbentUnder 10
* May act like an adsorbent fiber ** Always pre-test all products prior to using

Carpet Fiber Statistics
FiberEase Of Removal% Of Today's Manufactured
Nylon (Regular)Fair73%
Nylon (Stain Resistant)Very Good73%
PolyesterVery Good9%