Pro's Choice Anti Re-Soiling

Pros Choice Anti Re-Soiling


Pro's Choice ARA is chemically designed to stop the rapid re-soiling of caroet fiber. This re-soiling process is typically caused by a sticky substance (or just dirt) that wicks up after a carpet has been cleaned. Pro's Choice ARA acts to dry the carpet dibers in such a way that sticky substances or dust won't stick and can be just vaccumed off.


1.) Clean the carpet taking care to get the carpet as DRY as you possibly can.

2.) Right after you are done speay on an even coat of ARA directly onto the carpts where re-soiling has been a previous issue. The quanitity of ARA applied to the carpet should 1 oz ARA for every three feet of carpet.

3.) After the entire carpet is totally dried, vacuum up these areas completely with a rotary tool. Test this product in a not very noticible area for color fastness before spraying on the rest of the batch.

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