Alpha 440 and Alpha 440HP Truckmounts

Alpha 440

Forget the Headaches! Elite in Every Aspect!

The Alpha 440 features a large three inch blower inlet system. The impressive blower inlet system haas a vacuum relief valve mounted directly above the Roots WhispAir blower and is made entirely of American made Stainless Steel. It also features braided protectors on each hose going to the gauge and easy lube system.

We opted to have the vacuum relief mounted directly above the blower, rather than on the lid of the waste tank, to prolong the life of the Alpha 440's belts.

Other units have the vacuum relief mounted to the waste tank. This means that if the blower inlet filters are not regularly cleaned, it can put strain on the belts and vacuum blower system and cause the belts to prematurely break. Our new mounting position provides direct relief to the blower without having to go through filters first. This prolongs the life of the blower and it's related components.


Alpha 440HP

Alpha 440

Kohler Aegis 24 HP Liquid Cooled Power Plant

Kohler Aegis 24 HP Liquid Cooled Power Plant

5CP CAT 3,000 PSI Water Pump

3CP CAT 2,000 PSI Water Pump

Cast Iron Automatic Pump-Out Cast Iron Automatic Pump-Out
45 Whispair Vacuum Blower 47 Whispair Vacuum Blower
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