Marketing Tips

Using Google Adwords

When you get your site ranked in a top 4 position through hard work and diligence, this ranking is called an “organic listing” because you developed it “organically.” Above the organic listings is 3 listings with a slight yellow background, these listings are put up by individuals who have signed up with Google and agreed to pay a flat dollar amount every time somebody follows a link.

The program you sign up for to do this is called “Google Adwords” and is used with great success by businesses all over the world, including us here at Rotovac. Give yourself a budget be it 1, 2 or $300 a week and watch the calls come in!

Tips on Sending Postcards

Postcards are a tried and tested way of getting new clients and getting more calls from past ones. Often people just use postcards around holidays to remind past clients of holiday specials, coupons etc but they are also quite useful in drumming up new carpet cleaning jobs.

Do your own research and develop a list of apartment building owners in your area with their address. Once you get a hundred or so of these do a mass mailing, if even one apartment building brings you on that will make you quite a bit of money.

Also generating lists of names of people putting their own home up for sale are great leads, as every single one of them will be getting their carpets cleaned prior to their first open house. You can build lists like this by going to google and typing in “homes for sale by owner in Seattle” and then just keep at it until you have enough names, then stuff your envelopes and mail them out. Meeting face to face and developing friendships with real estate agents can also be a boon of information. Consider attending real estate seminars and conferences for networking opportunities. I recently discovered offers affordable options for sending postcards out directly through them, they are also a great place to have inexpensive advertising made up.


Yard Signs

Yard signs can be a great way of generating new business. People hesitate to try this because it takes a lot of time to put up all your signs, but the return on your investment can be huge. One client I had try this placed about 100 signs around his city and got 10 phone calls resulting in jobs in the first several days.

When putting up yard signs be mindful of where you can and can’t put them, it will be well worth your time to do your own research and find out he laws about signs. Stay away from private property, median strips on busy strips are great, anywhere you see signs for local politicians you can be relatively sure won’t get removed later. Signs only cost one or two dollars each and remember, the more signs you put up the more calls you will get. So think big!

Google Maps

After the payed Google Listings is usually a list of people who are local vendors and show up as being listed on Google maps. The benefits to being a Google Maps member is that you show up first, and that you don’t have to put nearly as much work into getting in a good spot. Sign up today, wait for them to send you a confirmation post card and start adding photos and videos to make your google maps page more visitor friendly.

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