Turboforce Hard Surface Tools

Turbo Hybrid - TurboForce

Super durability boot designed for hard types of surface. Includes  brand-new brush addition for refined stone.

  • Optional full-range swivel hook up
  • New Comfort-Grip Non-Slip Handle
  • Polished Stainless Steel Body
  • Patented vacuum compensator adjusts to
    any surface automatically
Part #: TH40
Rotovac Price: $830.00

Turbo Hybrid 15" Head

  • 15" Turbo Hybrid Head only.
  • Can be used to clean tile and grout inside and cement outside.
  • Interchangeable with current 12" TH40 tool.
  • Clean up to 25% faster than the 12" tool
Part #: TH-15H
Rotovac Price: $601.00

TurboForce Hyper Turbo

TurboForce Hyper Turbo provides water extraction and excellent cleaning power
TurboForce Hyper Turbo

  • 17" Diameter
  • Patented Automatic Vacuum Compensator
  • High Quality Powder Coated Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Pressure 4000 psi @ 250 degrees
Part #: HT-777-HP
High Pressure
Rotovac Price: $1,817.00
Part #: HT-777-LP
Low Pressure
Rotovac Price: $1,670.00

TurboForce Mini Turbo Hybrid

  • For bathrooms, countertops and other small areas
  • Same proven technology as the original Turbo, but in a smaller package!
Part #: MTH-43
Rotovac Price: $477.00

TurboForce Cobra Edging Tool

  • Affordable and ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Uses the same powerful jet found in the Turbo to power out the dirt
Part #: C-150
Rotovac Price: $255.00

TurboForce Raptor Quick Connect

  • Edging & grout line device
  • Single jet 5" & 4 jet 14" heads having squeegee or brush head
  • Working pressure to as much as 2500psi & 230 degrees
  • Light-weight stainless-steel wand
  • Ergonomic top mount gun
  • In-line pressure steel braded hose
  • Extra Handle Provided
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty for all non wear elements
  • Heads currently offered separately - call us for details
Part #: AW-45
Brush Combo
Rotovac Price: $487.00
Part #: AW-47
Squeegee Combo
Rotovac Price: $490.00

TurboForce Raptor RC-5 Single Jet Wand

Raptor Classic Single Jet Tile Cleaner Wand


  • Fewer passes needed to clean same area
  • Designed for Turbo Hybrid
  • Edging and grout line tool
  • Concentrated pressure to power out tough dirt
  • No “stripping“ in between the jets
  • Hand friendly gun placement keeps hoses away from arms
  • Polished stainless steel wand - more durable than aluminum
  • Internal pressure hose provides low profile head
  • One year manufacturer's warranty on all non-wear components
  • Swivel head allows tool to “lay down“ under fixtures
  • Cuts a wider path with the same impact
  • Capable of cleaning a great variety of surfaces and areas
Part #: RC-5
Rotovac Price: $302.00