Rotovac Powerwand Hard Surface Cleaning Package

If you have a Rotovac Powerwand, the Hard Surface Equipment Packages is just $395, and contains everything you'll need to clean hard surfaces, including:

Rotovac Hard Surface Flooring PackageSingle Jet 12" Squeegee Wand
The single swinging blade for push/pull action. Rotate the head 180 degrees for scrubbing and then back for the recovery.
tile and grout cleanerTile & Grout Cleaner - RVTGC - 1 Gallon
The original tile and grout cleaner. Rotovac Tile & Grout Cleaner is the solution of choice for those who prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified, chemical for heavy soil. It will remove years of built-up grease, soil and stains. Rotovac Tile & Grout Cleaner dilutes with one part water for use on tile and grout. It can also be use on a variety of other hard surfaces when properly diluted with water.
tile and grout restoreTile & Grout Restore - RVTGR - 1 Gallon
Use Rotovac Tile & Grout Restore when all other cleaners have failed. This acidic cleaner removes soils and stains on grout, tile and stone that have been neglected for years. Rotovac Tile & Grout Restore removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it all hard water deposits, soap scum and efflorescence.
Hard Surface Package Rotary HeadsRotovac Hard Surface Brush Heads
The new brush heads allow the operator to now clean all hard surfaces, including tile, grout and vinyl floors. These brush heads are also excellent for pre-scrubbing commercial glue-down carpet.
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