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High Speed Carpet Cleaning in Both Directions... With Ease!

The Bonzer speed cleans carpet by capturing and delivering all the power your truckmount can generate. Seven spray jets are completely encapsulated under the manifold to ensure that no steam or heat escapes the cleaning zone. Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides along with a comfortable dual grip handle allow the Bonzer to be both fast and easy to operate. Patent pending.



  • Completely encapsulates all heat and steam under manifold (puts the heat where you need it)
  • Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides clean in both directions
  • Sight tube on top of handle for high visibility
  • Ergonomic telescoping handle provides easy operation and storage
  • Works with Truckmount or Portable extractors
  • Cleans tile and grout with brush glides
  • Weighs only 21 lbs.
made in the usa
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Rotovac Price: $1,495.00

7 day money back guarantee


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Alejandro Perez
Speed!! This thing is much faster and leases the floor allot drier than a Wand. We like it allot. Rotovac has had great support on it. Pro tip: make sure you adjust the rear wheels depending on the depth of the pile you are working.

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