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The PEX Series were designed with a precision balanced, upright design for easy transport, loading or unloading by one person. The PEX Series also have a built-in wand caddy, retractable hose wrap, and built-in cord wrap so you can easily transport the PEX to job sites 

Vacuums: Dual 3-stage
Pump: Adjustable 50-500 psi
Heater: 2000 Watt, adjustable 146° F or 212° F, on-demand
Capacity: 12 gallon solution 10 gallon recovery
Weight: 110 lbs.
Accessories: Comes standard with the Evolution wand and 15' of crushproof vacuum hose and high pressure solution line.

The Solus 500R Portable Extractor is a powerful little machine.

Standard Features

  • Dual Top Mounted Vacuums: Soft-start, with unrestricted airflow
    for superior water recovery.
  • Heater Element: In-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat up to 212° F
    at the wand tip, lifetime warranty.
  • Low Moisture system: Less water combined with higher heat means
    faster drying, less chance of shrinkage or wicking from the pad.
  • Smart Circuit Locator: Identifies separate lines to eliminate blown circuits.
  • Tanks & Bodies: Lightweight, rotationally molded with lifetime warranty
    against cracks, leaks and dents.
  • Optional Solution Pre-Heat: Re-circulates solution through the heater to
    raise the solution temperature up to 125° F for consistent.
  • Solid-State Circuitry: Senses temperature change in heat exchanger
    within 1° F for more consistent heat at the tip.
  • Dimensions: 41”H x 22.5”W x 30"L
  • Dump Hose: 22" height
  • 12” Non-Marking Wheels and Upright Dolly Design for easy stair
    climbing by a single person
  • 12 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 9 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • Convenient Low Solution Filling Area for easy filling
  • 15' High Pressure Solution Line and Crushproof Vacuum Hose (optional 25' available)
  • Cords: Two (2) 25' detachable 12/3 gauge, hospital grade plugs
  • Two Roller Handles for easy maneuverability and loading
  • Wand Caddy for easy transport
  • Parrallel vacuum for higher CFM productivity

Retail Price: $5,276.00
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The Solus 500 Portable Extractor is one of the more economical US Products extractors on the market and it's adjustable 500 PSI will get the job done.

Standard Features

  • Fully adjustable 0-500 psi.
  • Solid state circuitry combined with an inline heater provides instant heat
    of 212° F at the wand tip, fully adjustable.
  • Low moisture design and 12 gallon capacity provides longer run times.
  • NEW optional tank preheat re-circulates solution and raises temperature
    up to 125° F in the tank.
  • Patented circuit locator prevents blown circuits.
  • Dual, top-mounted 3-stage vacuums provide superior water recovery.
  • Upright, dolly design, roller handles, and large rear wheels make the Solus
    easy to maneuver on stairs or load and unload by a single person.

Retail Price: $4,999.00
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Portable Water Extractor for Restoration
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