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Bluebook 2011

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The Bluebook provides over 100,000 residential & light commercial structure and contents costs for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, repairs and home improvement of all types throughout the United States and Canada.

Over 84 construction trades are presented in 680 categories across 417 fact filled pages. Pricing is demonstrated using simple, in-place, square foot costs so there's No Calculating or Factoring Tables.Easily figure costs for improvements or repairs in most any type of residential structure. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this nationally recognized, easy to use cost guide will help you quickly validate and create fair and accurate estimates. 
Get the book that over a half-million Industry Professionals Know & Trust! Since 1964
  • Reports average subcontractor prices for nine different zones in the country (it does not establish prices).
  • Helps validate contractor prices for insurance companies.
  • Enables contractors to evaluate their own pricing structure for their part of the country.

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